Xfce 4 Mount Plugin – mount devices from the Xfce 4 Panel

When in 2006, no one was volunteering to port the mount plugin from the 4.2 panel to the new 4.4 panel, meaning to adapt some handlers, the basic initialization and the storing and retrieval of config files, I did the job and furtheron stayed the active maintainer of the project, as again no one volunteered.

I never used the plugin much, until I became the maintainer and noticed the easyness it brought for (un)mounting devices and getting a quick overview.

Over the next years and versions, support for additional file systems and LVM was introduced, both mtab and fstab are read now, the menu has changed a little, and file systems can be excluded apart from being able to specify custom commands such as "pmount" or disallowing to show some distinct devices.

Have a look at the screenshots section for a quick overview of what it looks like and what it allows to do.


Panel plugin Mount menu Options



More Information

... can be found at the project site at freshmeat.

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