Icewm Theme

Somewhere in 2002, 2003, quite shortly after having switched to Linux and having ISDN4Linux running, the only thing that was missing was a nice theme such as the Keramik theme from KDE3.

So I decided to create it myself and invested quite a lot of time, and what proved to be most demanding, was a nice, appealing and usable color theme for the panel and menu.

The results were not quite as nice as the KDE3 Keramik theme, but still, I found the window decoration to be quite usable and nice and furthermore improved it to have a semi-translucent background as in the original decoration.

So, here's some screenshots of what they look like in both versions. Simply click onto the image for the enlarged screenshot; the download can be obtained from the links below the screenshots.

GDM Xfce Theme
Download theme
GDM Xfce Theme with user list
Download theme

A version 3 is also available: Keramik3.

The icewm theme can also be found at

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