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This web page gives an overview of all the (software) projects I've been working on in the recent years. Most of them can be found anyway at Freshmeat and Xfce-Look.

So, the goal is actually to also mix the Freshmeat projects with the other projects and especially, "donations" to the open-source community.

Table of contents

A little uncommon, the TOC follows the introduction. You can directly hyperjump to the section by clicking on the link herein.


Currently, I've got several artworks and software projects being published under free licenses, mostly GPL v2, published.


Basically, I am not a very good designer or graphics/themes creator. Anyway, sometimes I tried and still try, the results can be seen here. Perhaps the best one is just where I was very lucky to look out at the window at that very instance to see the crow sitting out there...

GDM Theme(s)

There's basically one theme called "gdm-xfce" that comes in two flavours: with and without a user list. See project page for details.

IceWM Theme(s)

You can find my IceWM themes at this site.


The wallpapers are located at this site.

Winamp/XMMS skins

A lot of skins for Winamp, XMMS, Beep Media Player and the like is available from here.

Gtk Projects


An ID3 tag editor called gtkid3tag.


A media center for your set-top box or suitable as simple-to-use startup program for the most important programs you want to offer. Follow this link.

Qt Software


Before GtkID3Tag, there was QtID3, one of my very first tries with the Qt library. Nothing special about it, and some ugly colors as well, but you might want to look at it.


With the comping up of XFree86 4.3 and its cursor icons, a small tool allowing quick configuration of this .icons mechanism with the index.theme file was required, also allowing users to choose among the installed files. This is exactly what Xcic does.

Xfce Software

In 2004, I began developing a plugin for the Xfce 4.2 panel, inspired by MBM 5 for Windows. In the following years, I overtook maintainership for the mount plugin after porting it to the new panel 4.4 interface. Additionally, I sometimes report bugs, send patches (mostly on usability issues) where necessary and appropriate.

Mount plugin

This plugin allows users to mount/unmount the devices noted in fstab and currently mounted. It also displays how much space is occupied and which device is mounted onto which location. See details.

Sensors Plugin

As already mentioned, the first project for Xfce was the sensors plugin, that meanwhile also reads ACPI thanks to patches from various people. Support for hddtemp is also included. The plugin features lots of possiblities for tweaking appearance, behaviour, and also comes with a separate program for accumulating all the system's sensor values into one interface.

Currently, the plugin is devloping towards a general sensor library for any OS and any desktop environment. It uses D-Bus for contacting and controlling a sensor daemon and hence allows for easy-to-use GUI applications, command line interfaces, various plugin implementations etc.

More details can be found here.


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